Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As school is getting closer and closer so is everything else. Alex is going to continue with his karate classes but Zachary finally got his wish to take gymnastics. His first class was today and he loved it! It was an hour long class which seems kind of long but his class moved around the whole gym so it never got boring for them. When I signed him up online I thought that the class that I wanted for him was full so I picked something else. It turns out that this was the class I wanted all along and it just had a different name. The class is all boys (just four of them) and they will learn the rings, vault, horse, parallel and uneven bars, and floor exercises. It was hard to get good pictures because the viewing area was a balcony so the kids were sometimes far away.

Of course some things I could tell that Zachary was better at than others. He wasn't very coordinated looking jumping on the trampoline but I thought he was great at the rings & bars. That boy's got some muscles!

......And just because I saw my sisters this weekend. Here's the five youngest cousins together this morning. They are in reverse age order. Sorry I missed the two teenage cousins!

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