Monday, June 30, 2008

Family fun day

Since my husband, Chris, finally had a day off (he had to work all weekend) we spent the whole day today having fun with the boys. This morning we pulled out the edible play-doh again. It had definitely dried out some. We still played with it but we had quite a few crumbs. When we were done we decided to go ahead and throw it out. In addition to being a little dry it was also collecting dog hair and other junk from being thrown on the floor or squished in the bottom of the high chair.

When Alex and Zachary woke up from their naps we used the last of our free ice cream coupons and headed to DQ for a treat. (Our doctor gave us free ice cream coupons every time the boys got shots - which has been alot to get them caught up.) The boys really like ice cream - especially Alex. The next fun thing we did was go to one of those inflatable playland places. We'd never been before but our neighbor told us about a good one for little kids. It was super cheap and the boys had a great time. At first Alex was very timid to get on much. He climbed in several following Daddy and Zachary and then climbed right back out. I think it was the blow up obstacle that bothered him the most. Thankfully his timidness didn't last and daddy and both boys played on pretty much everything in the place. The boys were fearless and even climbed and slid down the biggest slides there. I even tried a few with the kids. Boy does it wear you out!
I know these pictures are a little blury but the boys were in constant motion!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Little swimmers

This afternoon our friend came over for our weekly play date and we spent an hour or so "swimming" in our blow up pool in the backyard and playing with bubbles. Since we don't have many pool toys we used plastic cups this time to pour (or throw!) water. The boys had fun pouring water on the porch, door mat, empty flower pots, and the dead grass. Even when our friend was leaving Alex never got out of the water! He had a wonderful time kicking and splashing in the pool all by himself. These boys are definitely not afraid of the water.
My little swimmers.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The play-doh experiment

Today I tried a recipe I found for edible play-doh. We've never used real play-doh yet because I'm afraid that Zachary will eat it. He still likes to put everything in his mouth. I know that play-doh is non-toxic but I still don't want him to eat it. Well, I followed the instructions and it came out too sticky to play with so I added much more powdered milk than the recipe called for until it stopped sticking to my fingers. Of course I had to see what it tasted like and it was good. It is peanut butter and honey after all - what's not to like? It ended up being firm enough to roll in balls and such but not to actually build things. Since Alex and Zachary are too little to be able to make anything it was fine for them. I helped them pat it out flat and then they used cookie cutters to make fun shapes. They also liked making hand prints in it. I rolled a few pieces into "snakes" and they had fun pounding the snake and telling it "no no". (They know that snakes bite and we often talk about how biting is not nice, etc.) Eventually they just started tearing it to pieces with their fingers. It was probably fun to be allowed to make a mess for once. All in all they had a good time and nobody ever tried to eat it except for me!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beans, beans the musical fruit......

We played with beans again today. Once again Alex and Zachary had a great time. The only problem today is that Zachary kept putting them in his mouth!

On a non-bean related note Zachary (the younger one - almost two) and I were at the grocery store last night when we walked past a man with a full white beard and mustache. Zachary is a sharp little guy and doesn't miss much. When he saw him he immediately said "ho ho ho", which is his name for Santa Clause. Thankfully I don't think the man heard him but I'm sure he's heard it before.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Earlier this week.....

A few days ago I tried an idea I found from other mama's out there and bought a big bag of beans to put in a container for the boys to play with. They scooped and poured to their hearts content and had a great time. They played in the beans for a good hour and would've kept going if we didn't have to stop for dinner. I did make sure there were no beans in the ears or nose and so far so good. Today I got an even bigger container so I could use the second bag of beans I got and make it easier for sharing.

Yesterday we tried playing the sprinkler for the first time. They really enjoyed it at first but didn't play very long. They were so cute though and hopefully the water will help my dying grass a little bit!

Trying something new

I've decided to join the world of blogging. I should be a pro - I've been reading enough lately. Please bare with me as I'm learning.