Monday, August 22, 2011

1st day of Kindergarden

Today was it, the first day of Kindergarten! Last night the boys picked out clothes, decided on what to have for lunch, and headed to bed just a tad early. They woke up with no problems this morning although I'm sure that will change when the newness of school wears off again! Here they are with all their gear ready to go!

I've decided to drive the boys to school in the morning again because the bus comes so darn early (it runs the route for the little kids first & then goes out a second time for the big kids) and it still won't come to our house so I'd have to drive them to the bus stop anyway. The boys did change schools from Pre-K and it's only about a 15 minute drive away which I love. We were there plenty early this morning and went to Zachary's classroom first. Poor kid with a Z name had to have a makeshift hook for his backpack which pulled right out of the wall when he tried to hang his backpack on it! The teacher said another child is leaving in a couple of weeks and Zachary will have a real hook. I guess he's in a full class this year!
The teacher had paper & colors waiting at the desk to color a picture of what the kids did during the summer. I wonder what Zachary drew?

Alex's class was next. His teacher just had them leave their things at their desk while all the parents were there. It was probably too crazy with a room full of extra people anyway! I was happy that there is one boy from his karate class at his table. That was the only child we recognized in either class.

Alex's teacher also had a basket on each table with books to read or pages to color.

Finally Alex told me to leave. Yup, ready to be on his own I guess. He did ask me for a hug and a kiss before I left though!

Off to meet the school bus!
**The bus was about 15 minutes late, yuck! The boys both had a good day but were tired! Both of them fell asleep on the car ride home from karate.


Sara said...

Wow, they did great! Yay for school starting!!

kelly said...

Glad they had a good first day!