Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alex lost his first tooth!

A few short weeks ago Alex was complaining of tooth pain when he ate. Silly me wondered what could be the problem and even called the dentist. It was a loose tooth - duh! I just didn't think he was old enough yet. It wasn't very lose at the time but enough to hurt when he bit on something. Fast forward to this morning and he's telling me that it hurts again. I could see that it was very lose this time and slightly bleeding. He had been wiggling it. He asked if he could pull it out, not scared at all, and I said go ahead. It didn't work. I asked if he wanted me to try and he said yes. Those little tiny baby teeth are so small and slippery that I had to use a tissue to help get a grip. I wasn't sure how hard to pull and I guess I didn't pull hard enough because it didn't come out. We decided to stop for the time being. I felt pretty sure that it would be coming out sometime in the next few days. Then at lunch Alex told me that it hurt to eat his chicken nugget. I cut it up for him thinking that solved the problem. A minute later he jumped out of his chair and ran to me in the kitchen to show me that his tooth fell out! I guess he bit into something after all. He said he nearly ate his tooth - he felt it on his tongue. What an easy first tooth that was! There was no crying, little pain, and a very happy boy in the end.

Now for the tooth fairy!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Some days Zachary is just so worn out from school that he falls asleep in the middle of playing!

This last one is from today but the middle one on the cold hard concrete floor just cracks me up! Now that's tired!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's and other stuff

First of all - Happy Belated Valentine's Day! The boys, of course, exchanged valentines at school but they did not get a party (only so many non-nutritional food days allowed at school - who knew?). So when they got home I had a big plate of heart shaped Whoopie Pies waiting along with a few small gifts and some cut out hearts taped around the room. We had our own little Valentine's party. I even let them pick between their favorite meals for dinner, either pancakes/waffles or cold pasta salad. The pasta won (and made it into lunchboxes today)!
Alex & Zachary have been doing alot of painting lately. I thought it might be cute to paint a big letter A and a letter Z to hang on their bedroom walls. They were gung-ho about this idea but it was such a small thing to paint.
So I went back to the store and got some Valentine cuties to paint for Mimi & Papa who came to visit over the weekend. They were plant sticks - one was a flower and one was a ladybug and they had holes to put pictures of the boys in. I also got wooden snakes. This was hard to paint because you couldn't just roll it over and paint the bottom. This snake also bends and moves so the boys couldn't get into the groves very well. They enjoyed it though.
Don't you just love Zachary's outfit in this one?! Alex is just about bursting out of his Iron Man costume too!

I've been having some dental work done for the last month (three trips to the dentist - ouch!!) and it was finally finished on Friday. Here's my new smile for those that know me.

My parents come this weekend mostly so my dad could fix a leak under one of my sinks (they're pretty great like that). Little did he know that I had a whole "daddy-do" list for him. Despite two more leaks popping up after fixing the first one (it was a long day!) he knocked out pretty much everything. Mom helped me move a corner table that we already had into a bare spot in the living room. I plan to change up the stuff on top of it but still I think it looks good over there.

And that's what we've been up to lately!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl watching

Super Bowl Sunday started off like any regular day. I did tell the boys that there was a big football game that day so they both decided they wanted to wear football shirts. That made me think that maybe I should wear a football shirt. I'm not a big football fan but my husband is and he's always been a Green Bay fan so I knew I could find something in his side of the closet to wear. When I got a sweatshirt for myself I found two Green Bay caps for Alex & Zachary. They were so excited. We went to eat lunch at our favorite wing place and football fever was already in the air. The wait staff was decorating for the big night and people were coming in to pick up big trays of wings. The t.v.'s were already tuned to pre-game stuff and so the boys thought the game had already started. I tried to tell them to be patient, that the game wasn't until night time and we'd watch it at home. They're not good at being patient. I made them take a nap as usual and when they woke they immediately started asking about the game. Finally it was time! The boys got out some soft footballs and were throwing them around. I found some Packers coloring pages on the internet and they colored pictures of our favorite team while watching then whoop up on the Steelers.

We made our own pizzas for dinner (I let the boys put their own toppings on) and we ate in the living room.
The boys had to go to bed before the game was over (darn school night!) but didn't complain too much. They were super excited again in the morning when I told them who won. Who knew football could be so much fun? I think next year I'm going to have to make some football shaped cookies or something. Maybe Green Bay will be in it again!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Are you ready??

We are!

Go Packers!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!

We weren't sure if we were going to get any or not but sometime late in the night (after 11pm) we got snow! I got the call from school that it would be closed today just minutes after my alarm went off. I'm so glad that I hadn't woke the boys yet! We didn't get as much as other parts of Texas but we got enough to be pretty.

(squirrel prints)
It was also enough to get to play in a little bit. Zachary started out in his soccer goalie gloves but quickly changed to regular ones.

I promise that I just carried him out for one second to let him see what I wrote on the table and he didn't play in that short sleeved shirt!

It was not enough to make a very big snowman but we tried. The snow just wouldn't stick! (Don't you just love our fancy snow tool - the plastic pie server! It worked great at scraping snow off the sidewalk to shape into snowballs.)

The sun has been out all morning and we have a high of around 40 so the snow is already almost gone. Our snowman is just barely hanging on to life in the shade of a tree. Everything the sun has touched is gone. At least we had a fun morning!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random stuff

A few weeks ago the boys and I were having a movie night at home and I built them a tent in the living room (sadly our frog play tent is broken). The boys thought it was pretty cool. Of course they had to spoil the fun and pull a chair down on top of them so it ended with some tears. They keep asking me to build it again but I'm not so sure.
Our neighborhood has started a kids club that meets once a month. We can't always make it to events because some are scheduled during the week for those that home school. We did make it to a cookie baking party though. The kids got to help add the ingredients and roll the cookie dough into balls. Then they each got to decorate and eat their masterpieces! The group was going to meet again after lunch to deliver extra cookies that some of us mom's made to a nursing home. We didn't make it to that due to a little crying fit of an unnamed child. The party was fun though.

Zachary is such a goober! He loves to dress up and changes his clothes sometimes multiple times in an afternoon. He is loving all the super-hero clothes that Alex got for his birthday and so I found a cheap Transformer costume (Optimus Prime) to add to the mix.
His "Daddy clothes" is a regular outfit still. Sometimes he adds extra accessories like these goggles that belong to a teddy bear!
The weather has turned super cold here (just like almost everywhere) but we don't have any snow or ice. The boys would love to see some snow, and I mean real snow but I guess it will have to wait until another time. We might have to take a trip somewhere snowy when Daddy gets home. I hope everybody is keeping warm!