Thursday, September 1, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

The two weeks since school started have been jammed packed. Not only have we had to get back into the school routine but Alex is still continuing his karate class twice a week. There were lots of promotions at class yesterday. Two lower stripe boys got new stripes plus the three bear stripe boys all got their orange belts! They were so proud.

This was good timing because he's been talking lately about wanting to quit karate. I think part of the problem is that Zachary's gymnastics class, which is once a week, looks like too much fun and he wants to join. I just don't think that Alex can do all of this:

We finally heard from our fall soccer coach and soccer practice will begin next week. That's three nights a week that we'll have activities plus a Saturday morning game. I'm hoping that once Chris gets home (soon!!) we can split the kids up so Alex doesn't have to sit at gymnastics & Zachary doesn't have to sit at karate. We'll see what happens.


kelly said...

Congrats to Alex! Looks like Zachary is a perfect fit in gymnastics :-)

Sara said...

Yay, Alex! And Yay! for daddy coming home to help with the extra-curriculars!